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Memories Squared






Memories Squared the use of  memory blocks T-shirts or photographs sashed with squares to make them fit together.  T-shirts or photographs do not have to be all the same size to work in this quilt in fact, it will be more interesting if they are not all the same size.  How to make them fit together is part of the class.  The size of your quilt will depend on the sizes and the numbers of memory blocks you use.

This class is best done with wall or floor space on which students can arrange their memory blocks for visual planning along with scaling to make them all fit together. 

The class can easily be conducted as a planning/layout class rather than a sewing class.  The sewing is the easy part of completing the quilt.

The fabric squares which are used to fill the spaces and tie the memory blocks together may be cut from scraps or small amounts of fabrics (fat quarters or eighths) because a large variety of fabrics utilized will create a much more interesting quilt than using only a few and will make the arrangement easier to fill.  For example the large quilt below (Harley t-shirt quilt) has over 100 black, black & white, or gray fabrics.  The smaller family album picture quilt has about 25 reproduction print fabrics.

Quilters frequently complete these quilts to be used as graduation or anniversary memory quilts.



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