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Color and Value Theory -How to Choose Colors for Quilts

bulletWhy Colors work together and a fail-proof method to choose colors to make your quilt one that you love! 

 Starting with monochromatic (one color quilts) and working through many combinations of colors on the color wheel, the quilts exhibited will demonstrate why you can use published theories to choose colors and fabrics for your quilts.  There will be around 25 - 30 quilts shown and a quilted color wheel will also be available to follow the color theory combinations.  And when you do not want to learn or remember all of the theories, I can suggest a fail-proof method to choose colors to make your quilt one that you love! 

List of quilts for lecture (may change as new quilts are added)
bulletSingle color harmony - monochromatic - blue and white friendship quilt; pink and maroon split Ohio star
bulletSide by side color harmonies
bulletThree side by side - Green Rings around the roses
bulletThree side by side with accent - Half log cabin with stars
bulletfour side by side with accent - small spinning stars
bulletfive side by side - tropical stack and whack
bulletfive side by side with accent - interwoven
bulletOpposite color harmonies (Complements)
bulletopposites - Christmas delectable mountain
bulletopposites with accent - Star in red-orange, purple, & teal
bullet2 colors and their opposites - Lone star with horses
bullet3 colors (side by side) and their opposites -
bulletSplitting the opposites (Y-split complement) - paper pieced wall quilt; Christmas Irish Chain quilt
bullet4 points on a square -
bulletSpaced Color Harmonies
bullet2 colors separated by 1 color - green & blue in the wind (show value need)
bullet2 colors separated by 2 colors - teal & purple tumbling blocks;  teal and purple NYB
bullet2 colors separated by 2 colors with accent (wider than the split Y complement) - Floral 9-patch alternative
bullet2 colors separated by 3 colors - red and blue spinning stars; yellow and red NY beauty quilt
bullet2 colors separated by 4 colors - yellow and blue-purple Dresden plate
bullet3 alternating colors with one color between - pinwheel in yellow, orange, red; Harmonic convergence in green, gold, rust; Star Sampler
bulletEvery other color - six colors which are full range of wheel - rainbow rail fence; rainbow drunkards path
bulletTriangle Harmonies
bulletColors on a triangle - Carpenter's wheel; Large spinning star
bulletColors on a triangle with accent - Texas one of a kind
bulletMulticolor harmonies
bulletMany colors - Aunt grace scrap quilt
bulletMain color with many colors - Blue balloon OOAK; small strippy star &/or large strippy star



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